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anfangn 2005 Parker presented the Latitude, it replaced the Inflection, which was discontinued, and the two pens were in fact in many ways very similar. But while the Inflection had a clip with very broad and black feathers, the feathers on the Latitude were made in the same material as the clip. Also while the Inflection had a semi-hidden nib, very similar to the Parker "45" and Parker Arrow, the Latitude had a more traditional nib. Like the Inflection, the Latitude was aimed at the middle priced gift market. It was advertised: "embodies a highly original, non-conformist individuality. In form and ornament, it rebels against traditional convention whilst retaining an unrivalled quality inherant to a Parker pen. It is a unique alternative, an enigmatic article."

It was a somewaht large and heavy pen, weighing about 25 grams.

anfanghe Latitude was offered in all four styles, Fountain Pen, Roller Ball, Ball Point and Mechanical Pencil. The Fountain Pen came in two different nib styles, 23K gold plated stainless steel, and stainless steel. Standard nib grades were available in fine and medium, but extra fine and broad could be ordered. It used cartridges or a converter.
The Roller Ball was a cap on — cap off pen, and took standard roller ball refills. The Ball Point was a twist action, while the Mechanical Pencil had a two step action feed. The first twist lowered the lead support tube, and the second lowered the 0.5 mm lead. This was an effort to prevent the lead tube snaggling and bending.

The Latitude came in a hard shell plastic gift box, with an outer cardboard box, both in grey.
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Parker Latitude

Parker Latitude.

anfangix styles were initially offered. There were four laque metal finishes, which had distinct circular lines on the cap, and two finishes in stainless steel:

    romb Shimmering copper
    romb Silky Black
    romb Warm Grey
    romb Slate Blue
    romb Stainless Steel CT (Chrome Trim)
    romb Stainless Steel GT (Gold filled Trim)

anfanghe metallic laque was achieved by applying multiple layers of laquer on a stainless steel base. The Shimmery Copper and Silky Black had gold filled trim, while the Warm Grey and Slate Blue had chrome trim.
In December of 2008 three new finishes were introduced:

    rombGarnet Red GT and
    rombIcy Silver CT

while the Shimmering Copper and Warm Grey were discontinued.



Parker Latitude, 2005.

anfanghe Latitude was priced at £36 for the Stainless Steel CT, £44 for the Stainless Steel GT and £67 for the laquer fountain pens. The Stainless Steel Roller Balls cost £31 and £40, while the laquer Roller Balls cost £51. Ballpoints were priced between £26 and £43, depending on the finish.

anfangarker discontinued the Latitude in 2009, although it had gained a reputation as a good writer and a well balanced pen with attractive design features. It wasn't replaced by any particular model, but it the same point, although much cheaper, the Parker I.M. was redesigned and the model enhanced.

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