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• 1. If you don't want to lend your fountain pen, always keep a ballpoint in your pocket as a lender.

• 2. If you don't mind lending your fountain pen, keep the cap, that way it won't "accidently" be pocketed.

• 3. If you write with small letters, use a fine nib and vice versa.

• 4. If you're bothered by a scratchier nib, choose a broad one.

• 5. Always replace the cap with the nib upwards, that way the air pocket will force excess ink back into the pen.

• 6. If you're going to fly with your fountain pen, keep it full or empty. A little air could expand and force out some ink.

• 7. If you're not going to use your pen for a while keep it full or empty. The acid in inks together with oxygen starts oxidation, which corrodes your rubber sac.

• 8. Write with your cap posted, if you accidently drop your pen, the heaviest part will reach the floor first.

• 9. Replace the cap when you put your pen down, or keep it posted at all times, that way it won't roll off the table.

• 10. Rinse your pen once a month by filling it with luke warm water until no more residue escapes.


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